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Almost the same symptoms as with chronic Lyme. One of five is affected, Lyme got one of 10 000. It means that for 2000 patients suspecting Lyme one has got disease, 2000 - the magnesium deficiency (most likely including this one with real Lyme disease). And here comes the list of symptoms:

- random feeling of warmth or other sensations, without reason
- random infections all the time
- in long run, magnesium will be flushed out of bones and joints, causing chronic pain
- depresion, neurosis, problems with sleep, problems with keeping a balance, ringing in ears
- hematomas - all the time, caused by a capillary damage, also other problems with capillaries
- and most important - muscles. Tics all the time, especially affecting eyelid.

Sounds familiar, huh? :) Yes, yes, a lot of people have misdiagnosed themself as Lyme victims and try to cure the magnesium deficiency with antibiotics. It's hard to diagnose it just by blood test.

Why so many peole got the magnesium deficiency? Mature human got around 30 gram of magnesium inside body cells (this is reason why a normal blood test is completely useless). In a "normal" diet (white bread, plastic vegetables from hipermarket etc) it's nearly impossible to complete the required 300 mg magnesium daily. Moreover, drinking cola, coffe and tea will slowly flush magnesium down from our body, slowly causing the deeper and deeper deficite. Losing 20 mg magnesium / day will result in a lost of 15 g after 5 years.

Treating magnesium deficiency: most effective is magnesium together with vitamin B6, just do not take too much at once, it might cause real troubles. Remember to take calcium at the same time, otherwise a strong dose of magnesium will flush it out of your bones. Some zinc, potassium - and voila!. Daily dose for someone with the deficiency should be at least 300 mg from suplements alone.

How long it takes to cure magnesium deficiency? First symptoms should vanish in a week or two. But keep in mind that the deficiency gained after 5-10 years of a unhealthy lifestyle cannot be simply cured by 2 weeks of sumplementation. Let's calculate it: 200 mg magnesium in diet, 300 mg in suplements, together - 500 mg / daily. It's nearly impossible to absorb more than 400 mg. Our body wastes 300 mg a day. It means that while taking 400 mg of suplements we are able to regenerate only 100 mg magnesium daily. Full regeneration will take around 150 days, almost half a year! Also remember, that high doses of magnesium might be dangerous (above 500-1000 mg of pure suplements daily).